On the Hill

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Now Is the Time
Put public education on the radar as a presidential campaign issue
February 2016

Grassroots Change
Presidential politics, equity, and insider insights are all on the agenda for January's Advocacy Institute
December 2015

Every Child Achieves
The new rewrite on NCLB could mean less federal overreach and fewer unfunded mandates for public schools
October 2015

Turn Up the Volume
Advocacy group is reaching out to allies of public education
August 2015

The Right Message at the Right Time
Mobile technology and social media are transforming our advocacy work
June 2015

Fast-Moving Train
The reauthorization of ESEA might actually happen this time. Are you ready?
April 2015

Your Voice Matters
School board members are an influential constituency, making them valuable advocates for their students and schools
February 2015

A Look Ahead
As Congress works to finalize an appropriations bill that funds education and other programs, NSBA is engaged in efforts to sustain the federal investments that benefit millions of our children. Our major goal is to sustain investments for Title I grants and for the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act.
December 2014

Election Opportunities
As school board members and advocates for public education, we have a responsibility to be informed. We need to know which candidates are strong supporters of public education and which candidates support legislation that hurts our public schools.
October 2014

Congressional Summer Recess
During August, you should take advantage of every opportunity to talk with members of Congress when they are back in their home states and congressional districts. Participate in any dialogue on K-12 education and ensure that commitment to our public schools is always part of the dialogue.
August 2014

June 2014 On the Hill
NSBA remains concerned that President Obama’s budget request for fiscal year 2015 does not include badly needed increases in two of the most foundational formula programs for school district: Title I and IDEA. The federal government provides less than 16 percent of the cost of IDEA. Title I is similarly underfunded.
June 2014

April 2014 On the Hill
Collectively, school board members can have far greater influence on members of Congress than ever before. In order to effectively influence Congress, board members must understand that it takes in-depth knowledge of education, passion and commitment to the issue, and a strong and sustained relationship with their members of Congress.
April 2014

February 2014 On the Hill
A New Year in Advocacy
February 2014