On the Hill: School Board Advocacy

A New Year in Advocacy
2014: A time for more aggressive advocacy on Capitol Hill

By Reginald Felton

With the second session of the 113th Congress having convened in January, school board members across the nation must determine how they will intensify their grassroots advocacy with their elected members of Congress.

I emphasize elected to remind us all that these members of Congress are chosen by a democratic process that requires them to be responsible and accountable to their voters. Regardless of party affiliation, school board members and other local voters expect their members of Congress to support a legislative education agenda that is in the best interest of all students.

While education continues to be included among the top priorities identified by candidates seeking election or current members of Congress seeking re-election, such strongly voiced commitment does not appear to be reflected in their collective actions taken during the first session of the Congress in 2013. This is even more disappointing as we review their collective actions addressing public education in recent years.

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