The New Vo-Tech

Vocational-technical education has grown and changed in response to skills required by high-tech U.S. and global economies



  • Choosing Good School Governance

    Good governance is a choice. Consider asking these questions from two governance consultants to firm up or improve your board's work

  • In Praise of Recess

    Research shows that recess can contribute to student achievement and the well-being of children

  • School Safety Plans

    A lawyer who has worked with districts involved with shooting tragedies offers sound advice on how to go forward


  • School Board News

    July/August 2013 School Board News

    News, views, and trends you should watch

  • Research

    Professional Development and the Common Core

    Meeting the demands of Common Core standards will mean changing the way we do professional development for teachers

  • School Law

    Schools and Disabled Athletes

    What does the new guidance from the Office of Civil Rights on accommodating students with disabilities in extracurricular athletic activities mean for your district?

  • Communications

    7 Ways to Promote Public Schools

    Here are 7 ways that school leaders can promote their schools and public education to the community and beyond

  • Governance

    The School Board Chair's Role

    The chair of the school board can make a tremendous impact on district governance, but obstacles can stand in the way

  • Money

    School Financial Accountability

    School boards should have a firm understanding of accounts payable and strong policies in place to prevent fraud

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word July/August 2013

    Join our army of advocates

  • Learn More

    July/August 2013 Reports

    From mobile devices to teen texting