Magna Awards

Every year the judges tell us the Magna Award nominations are more compelling and creative. It is inspiring to read about the winning programs and to meet the board members who develop them. Their work clearly benefits the students and the communities they serve. Sodexo is proud to support this recognition program that encourages innovative thinking in public education. —Steve Dunmore, president, Sodexo

Welcome to American School Board Journal’s Magna Awards, sponsored by Sodexo. Over the past 20 years, we’ve featured many excellent examples of school district leadership, and this year is no exception. We are pleased to have the opportunity to showcase these award-winning projects as examples of innovation and excellence in school governance.

Want to find out more? Visit our Magna information page today for answers to frequently asked questions, judging criteria, and tips on making your nomination to the Magna Awards 2015.

And don't forget to take a look at our new, searchable Magna Awards Best Practices Database, where you can browse through past Magna winners and other high-scoring programs for innovative best practices, proven and practical solutions, and new ideas. New programs that receive high scores from the Magna judges will be added to the database every year -- maybe yours will be added next year!

About the Magna Awards 2015 Program
Congratulations to the Magna Awards 2015 Grand Prize winners: Swan Valley School District Saginaw, MI; Albemarle County Public Schools, Charlottesville, VA; and ABC Unified School District,Cerritos, CA.

Every year the American School Board Journal Magna Awards highlight best practices of school district leadership. Nominations are accepted in the fall and winners are recognized at the Best Practices for School Leaders Luncheon at the NSBA Annual Conference. Sodexo has been a proud sponsor of the awards since 1995.

This year's Best Practices for School Leaders Luncheon featured Sonia Nazario -- a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, journalist, and author of Enrique’s Journey -- who chronicled her childhood as the daughter of two immigrants. Nazario spoke about how one in four children in public schools across the United States is now an immigrant or the child of an immigrant, and discussed the tremendous traumas many of these children face even before landing in American classrooms.

Watch the video about the Magna 2015 Grand Prize winners.


  • Magna Nominations
    The nomination period for the Magna Awards 2015 program is now open.