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The Last Word December 2013
While NSBA’s Delegate Assembly has not yet adopted a “pro” or “con” position on the substance of the Common Core, we can certainly position ourselves as a strong player in the debate by ensuring this incredibly misunderstood and over-politicized issue is given the greatest clarity for debate.
December 2013

The Last Word September 2013
We would be well advised to hold on to at least one fundamental principle: Schools should exist in every community. Education is not simply a commodity. Public schools are a vital part of every community and need to be supported. If every student can learn, then every school can succeed.
September 2013

The Last Word July/August 2013
We need your help. As school board members, you are influential community leaders. We must lead the conversation about public education and school board governance and fight for the futures of our schoolchildren. Through your leadership, we will engage parents, educators, and community and business leaders as core stakeholders.
August 2013

The Last Word May 2013
If we are going to educate our children in our changing world, we must engage in adaptive leadership. Stay the course, continue the fight, adapt to change, and always remember that school board service is not about us -- it is about those children we serve.
May 2013

The Last Word April 2013
How “sequestration” came to be used to describe automatic budget cuts remains a mystery to me, but I am convinced it is serving a very useful purpose for some people. Such a term fosters an inside-baseball aura for the discussion, adding to the lexicon of political commentators and public officials.
April 2013

The Last Word March 2013
After Newtown, the safety of schools was called into question. My experience has been – and I am convinced – that schools are still safe. More than 50 million children are in school every day, and while schools are not immune from events like Columbine and those in Newtown, overall they are secure.
March 2013

The Last Word February 2013
NSBA is preparing for changes in Washington. But the biggest change you may see will come from within NSBA. As part of what we’re calling the “New NSBA,” we are going to significantly increase our presence on Capitol Hill, in the courts and in the news media, and to give school board members more tools and opportunities to get involved.
February 2013

The Last Word January 2013
What school leaders can learn from NASCAR
January 2013

The Last Word December 2012
The “New NSBA” most importantly embraces a lean-forward approach that will ensure the voice of school board members is heard in the halls of Congress and in agencies of the federal government.
December 2012

The Last Word November 2012
Having a student member on our board has brought many rewards. It also has allowed us to engage our community around the concept that our district is about the students we serve. Including a student representative on your board is an effective way to engage your students. You won’t regret it.
November 2012

The Last Word October 2012
We cannot afford to be average as a country if we want to return to greatness, nor can our students succeed if they are average. We must be the “extra” for them and for our nation.
October 2012

The Last Word September 2012
Labor relations can be complicated and controversial jobs for school board members, but boards can work with unions to strengthen teachers and students.
September 2012

The Last Word August 2012
We’re seeing green schools lead the way to true 21st century learning. These schools not only feature state-of-the-art architecture, they are also incorporating lessons from their environments into students’ learning, and that’s leading to higher student achievement.
August 2012

The Last Word July 2012
Facing our challenges with adaptive leadership
July 2012

The Last Word June 2012
It’s your turn to engage your communities and show what is working. We haven’t been loud enough. We know that bad news often makes the biggest headlines. We can’t ignore the problems, but we must be seen as the leaders who can drive reform.
June 2012

The Last Word May 2012
Mary Broderick has 'The Last Word,’ with Part 2 of a letter to President Obama.
May 2012

The Last Word April 2012
Anne L. Bryant has 'The Last Word:' It is up to us to beat the odds for our students.
April 2012

The Last Word March 2012
Mary Broderick has 'The Last Word' in Part I of a letter to President Obama. The complete letter will be shared at NSBA’s annual conference in Boston in April.
March 2012

The Last Word February 2012
In early February, some 800 school board members will travel to Washington for NSBA’s annual Federal Relations Conference, spending a day on Capitol Hill meeting with their representatives. This is one of the most important functions of NSBA: to bring the school board voice to our federal lawmakers and policymakers.
February 2012

The Last Word January 2012
William Butler Yeats often is credited with saying, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” The lack of growth in the nation’s NAEP results over the past decade suggests the “filling of a pail” is not working very well.
January 2012

The Last Word December 2011
We advocate advocate for school board governance in public education
December 2011

The Last Word November 2011
When we standardize our instructional programs, our children lose their discoveries. We risk losing excellence and creativity and effective problem-solving. Instead, let’s build our national competitive edge of ingenuity and creative thinking. Let’s not standardize the American child.
November 2011

The Last Word October 2011
Students are not feeling safe in too many schools, and we certainly can’t expect students to learn if they’re not coming to school or are distracted by bullying incidents. We must work together to understand the impact of this on our students. Their learning – and in some cases, their lives – depend on it.
October 2011

The Last Word September 2011
Locally elected school board members are the most likely governing body to understand and respond to the needs of children in our communities. This is why our advocacy as school board members is so important.
September 2011

The Last Word August 2011
Working together we can get better
August 2011