The Business of Education

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Business of Education: Facilities assistance
Buildings can be designed and managed to enhance student and employee health, and some research links school facilities to student achievement.
June 2016

Business of Education: Leadership by listening
Social media has been a game changer for school district communications.
April 2016

Strike a Pose: School Photography
For most schoolchildren, getting their formal pictures taken at school is a yearly ritual. And this ritual endures, even now as every phone is a camera, everyone is a photographer, and most of our photos are rarely printed.

Right Decisions
Nearly nine in 10 smokers started the habit by age 18. If we want to prevent young people from smoking, the data tell us we’ve got to start early. One tool districts and schools can consider is a program aimed at middle school students and called Right Decisions, Right Now.
August 2014

All About Employee Wellness Programs
Healthy employees are happy employees. They are also good for an organization’s budget. They take fewer sick days and show up at emergency rooms and doctors’ offices at a lower rate. School boards can actively help to promote healthy lifestyles. One way is through a wellness and rewards program.
June 2014

The Business of Education: Paperless Meetings
Paperless board meetings – using an electronic system for agendas, calendars, and other board materials – can save districts thousands of dollars in copying and paper costs, as well as in staff time.
April 2014

The Business of Education: School Uniform How-To
School uniform policies aren’t for every school or district. But many of the public school districts that have embraced the program have seen positive results. Here is what school board members need to know before considering a school uniform or standardized dress code policy for their districts.
February 2014