2010 Testing and Assessment Archive

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Teacher Evaluation Pitfalls
No evidence currently exists to show that the tests intended for use in evaluating teachers’ effectiveness on the basis of their students’ test scores are up to the job. Put simply, there is no proof that these tests can accurately distinguish between well-taught and badly taught students. Let’s see why.
September 2010

Helping Employees Cope With Stress
Educational leaders can do three things, none of which costs money, to help address employee stress: They can make better decisions about the use of time, ensure that employees get the mental health care necessary to deal with stress, and communicate clearly and consistently with every stakeholder in the community.
March 2010

Changing the Grade
A revolution is occurring in Adams County School District 50. If it succeeds, the district will overturn a public school icon: the grade level. Starting this year, elementary and middle school students are being grouped by level, not age, and the reform moves to the high school next year.
March 2010