2007 Testing and Assessment Archive

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What's Being Said About NCLB?
The No Child Left Behind Act is scheduled for congressional reauthorization this year. Exactly when Congress and the president will sign on the dotted line is uncertain, and some officials speculate a vote on NCLB will be postponed until after the 2008 elections. But that uncertainty hasn’t slowed a storm of reports, hearings, and intense lobbying seeking to modify the five-year-old law.
May 2007

Technology and Program Evaluation
With public and legislative attention focused on education accountability, the role of program evaluation is more important than ever. New tools have made the program evaluator's job easier in many ways—and harder in others.
January 2007

Assessments: A Brave New World
Technology-enhanced tracking of test scores can help your district meet its achievement goals.
January 2007

There’s never been a shortage of opinions about NCLB. And now that the law is up for reauthorization this year, both critics and supporters are laying the groundwork for one of the most important congressional debates about public education in years. As Congress prepares to reauthorize the landmark education law, critics and supporters are waiting in line to have their say.
January 2007