Testing & Assessment

An online anthology on student testing and assessment from ASBJ.


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Student Assessments That Work
Student assessment is becoming a topic of conversation. It is spurring discussions about how and why we test students and what we do with the data from those assessments. School boards will play critical roles in determining where that conversation goes in terms of public policy and student performance.
September 2013

Education Vital Signs: Testing & Assessment
Education Vital Signs collection of reports on Testing & Assessment.

Teacher Evaluation How-Tos
Judging teachers threatens to become a reality show with little or no payoff for educational consumers. When it comes to judging teachers, the challenges are great, but the magic words are simple: It’s time we did our homework. Here are five lessons that challenge even the most able among us.
March 2012

Teacher Accountability and Testing
Testing experts worry about the many ways value-added can fall short of expectations. They urge policymakers to follow best practice principles and design prescriptions when using value-added. A few key prescriptions are: demand top-quality tests; ensure educators know what the test covers; and, ensure accuracy of formulas.
March 2012

Assessments Helping Teachers
In 2002, Wyoming’s education officials set out to create accountability tests capable not only of accurately evaluating their state’s schools, but also of stimulating better instruction. Birth pangs are common with new enterprises, and that was the case in Wyoming. While not definitive, the results are definitely encouraging.
March 2012