Planning for School Technology

By William Sprankles

The principal’s role has evolved from the purely managerial responsibilities of the past to include deeper involvement in and accountability for student achievement. From improving classroom engagement to building collaborative support with families and school administrators, it’s my job as a principal to help increase academic expectations in our district and encourage, motivate, and guide our students towards success.

Technology is one of the most valuable tools in my toolkit as we tackle these objectives. Students use technology all the time to keep up with friends, find things to do, and look for new places to hang out. So why not leverage these tools to better engage students in their education?

Across curriculum, homework, testing and extracurricular activities, technology can unite students, staff, teachers, counselors, and families in a virtual community that increases support, accountability, and ultimately student achievement. In my school and district, we have implemented a number of technologies to increase student engagement and classroom participation.

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