Best of 2009: Technology Focus

 Putting technology to work for school leaders

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Lighting the Fire of Discovery
Great events like finding the wreckage of the Titanic fire students’ imaginations, just as Sputnik did in 1957. Stories like this happen -- just not often enough in classrooms. Kids today are begging to be inspired and desperate for role models. What’s missing for so many is that “spark” of inspiration.
October 2009

Science: The First Frontier
Studies show that in fourth grade, the number of girls and boys who like math and science is about the same. Yet by eighth grade, twice as many boys than girls are considering careers in a STEM field. They do not put a female face on science.
October 2009

STEM’s Crucial Role
In 1957, after the Soviet Union launched its Sputnik satellite, various commentators expressed fears about the U.S. losing the space race -- and they put much of the blame on the nation’s schools. A half century after Sputnik, how good are our students at math and science? The data is mixed.
October 2009

Green Computing -- From Fad to Fixture
It will be some time before school districts fully realize all that green technology has to offer, but districts can do a lot with little to no money, such as implementing the green basics: turning off equipment when not in use, measuring energy consumption, and using multi-function machines.
April 2009