Best of 2005: Technology Focus

 Putting technology to work for school leaders

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Data and Dollars
Every year, it seems, school districts are expected to do more with less. That’s not an easy task, given the complexity of public education and the tight budgets facing many districts. Yet, despite these obstacles, there is a way schools can save millions of dollars—without slashing spending or cutting personnel. The answer lies in how they manage their special education programs.
May 2005

What's Your BAT Score?
Many boards have limited knowledge of how a school district’s business operation is run. Good intentions and trial-and-error operations are not businesslike approaches to running the business of education. How do you know whether your district is being managed in a professional manner? Take this Business Aptitude Test and see how your school district is doing.
May 2005

How Safe Is Your Network?
If your district depends on data--and what district doesn't?--it makes sense to invest in IT security. The first step in protecting your network should be to develop a policy outlining its vulnerabilities and how it can be secured. Implementing that policy is perhaps the most important key to ensuring maximum protection against a breach in security.
February 2005

Slamming in Cyberspace
The Internet is a powerful educational tool, but all too often, students have used it in ways that are anything but educational on free websites, known as slam sites, where messages may be posted anonymously.
January 2005

When E-Mail Goes Wrong
In addition to the Internet's many positive impacts, there is a potential negative: the use of e-mail for personal reasons during time that should be devoted to instruction. Investigations show that many teachers are logging onto e-mail as often as three to five times during a single instructional period. Some teachers leave e-mail programs on all day. Be sure your acceptable use policies cover staff as well as students.
January 2005