Best of 2004: Technology Focus

 Putting technology to work for school leaders

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Mapping Out Solutions
Like just about every school system in the country, South Carolina's Horry County School District faces a daunting array of challenges to our ability to prepare students for future success. To help us accomplish our goals, we sought an effective, efficient assessment tool that provides objective data on which the board can base decisions. While the district was committed to the use of our state test, the consensus was that we needed something more.
July 2004

Safe and Sound
Academy School District 20 in northern Colorado Springs lies in what meteorologists call lightning alley, a broad swath of heavily populated prairie that hugs the Interstate 25 corridor of central Colorado. This part of the Centennial State is famous for its thunderstorms and twisters; and it was here, less than three years ago, that a nearby district lost much of its computer equipment and nearly all its files to a devastating tornado. Our neighbor's misfortune got us thinking about how vulnerable our data was as well.
July 2004

The Survey Says
Electronic polling is a cost-effective way to find out what staff, students, and parents are thinking .
March 2004

A Look at the Future
America's propensity to use new technology to do things better, faster, and cheaper has always been at the center of our economic success. And we are about to acquire a whole new family of productivity-enhancing tools—the next generation of information technology (IT) —that will make it possible for America's schools to fulfill their mission despite such challenges as funding and staffing shortages, aging buildings, newly mandated testing, vouchers, and mounting class-action lawsuits.
January 2004