Best of 2011: Technology Focus

Putting technology to work for school leaders

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New Tech High School
New Tech encourages students to be in charge of their learning and understand that it is a shared responsibility. Technology plays a role, but is only one part of the equation. More prominent is project-based learning, which turns students into team members, teachers into facilitators, and community members into audiences.
November 2011

Students' View of School
Success in school is not just about academics; it’s also about students connecting with one another and their teachers. School engagement is key to a student’s academic success. A new tool called Kids with Cameras can help you discover what and who connects your students to their schools.
May 2011

Using a Virtual Desktop
With virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), users are no longer tethered to a specific computer at a specific site with a standardized configuration of software that is blind to their needs and interests. Each user has unique profiles for instructional software, administrative tools, and data. All that’s required is Internet access.
April 2011

One-to-One Computing in N.C.
A North Carolina district’s teachers say one-to-one computing has fundamentally changed their jobs. Now students direct much of their own learning. Instruction is more personalized, as teachers regularly move among individual students or small groups. Many teachers say the change has made their jobs harder but also more fulfilling.
April 2011

Improving Instruction With Technology
Technology is altering the landscape of student testing, in much the same way that student testing altered public education decades ago. Test developers and researchers have moved beyond using technology to process information into the deeper but trickier mission of figuring out what a student knows and how to improve instruction.
March 2011

How to Manage E-rate
E-rate brings affordable telecommunications and Internet access to schools and libraries. This money has helped to increase broadband connectivity and establish a strong partnership between education and online resources. Broadband connectivity also is making schools safer. Here's what you need to know about changes made in the E-rate requirements since last year.
January 2011