Best of 2010: Technology Focus

Putting technology to work for school leaders

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Teachers and Social Networks
While scads of attention and literature have focused on protecting and guiding student use of social networking technologies, the same diligence has not been paid to covering actions by district staff and faculty. As embarrassment after embarrassment has shown, educators need educating on these matters, too.
December 2010

Interview with Ed Dept. Tech Head Karen Cator
The National Education Technology Plan 2010 says schools must adopt “a 21st century model of learning, powered by technology.” How close are we to reaching that goal? ASBJ talked with Karen Cator, director of the Office of Educational Technology at the U.S. Department of Education, for answers.
October 2010

School System Technology Integration
A growing number of districts are integrating advanced technology into all of their operations. Recent studies, however, suggest few districts are truly embracing technology. Just 8 percent of high school teachers said technology was fully integrated in the classroom. And teachers, not students, were using most of the technology.
October 2010

Student Publications Going Digital
Schools are supplementing their print publications by using the Internet, updating the traditional yearbook for a generation accustomed to multimedia. Some high schools have similar online profiles and websites for their newspapers and other publications. The rules governing the use of social networking to promote school-sponsored media are often murky.
June 2010

The Future of Libraries Is Now
Students have more information at their disposal than ever before, but can’t evaluate it any better than their card-catalogue-bound predecessors. Students’ facility with new technology belies their naiveté regarding information’s accuracy, reliability, usefulness, and impartiality. That’s why high-quality school libraries and certified librarians are essential to successful schools.
January 2010