The Future of Governance

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Improving Instruction With Technology
Technology is altering the landscape of student testing, in much the same way that student testing altered public education decades ago. Test developers and researchers have moved beyond using technology to process information into the deeper but trickier mission of figuring out what a student knows and how to improve instruction.
March 2011

School Boards in the 21st Century
Whether warranted or not, school boards have been something of a punching bag in recent years. How have boards and their members responded to these pressures? What have these changes meant for board policy and practice? And what does it mean to be a board member today? Our survey addressed the composition, mission, and operations of board members.
March 2011

How Do Effective School Boards Act?
The research finds that effective boards: Have high expectations and clear goals; believe that all children can learn; focus on achievement; collaborate and communicate; are data savvy; align goals and resources; lead as a team; and train as a team.
March 2011