Special Education

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Twice-Exceptional Students
Many students may have learning disabilities, but because of their giftedness can perform near grade level. The result: Neither their giftedness nor their disability is diagnosed. Montgomery County (Md.), is one of the few districts in the nation to have a designated program for twice-exceptional students.
March 2010

Special Education Restraint Questioned
An investigation by the federal Government Accounting Office last year found that restraining or isolating disruptive students may be much more common than expected, particularly in special education classrooms. Some states already have counted thousands of incidents, and researchers studying the issue believe those numbers are underestimated.
March 2010

Understanding Special Education Terms
Special education terms and jargon can be quite confusing to school board members, especially those new to their role. To help board members understand special education jargon we have provided and defined a list of relevant terms and acronyms, “The ABCs of Special Ed.”
March 2010

Evaluating Special Education Reading Programs
After NCLB passed, districts began looking for solutions that teach academic content at developmentally age-appropriate levels. They found that there weren’t any academic programs for special education based on current research. Companies that serve the needs of special education are rising to this challenge, and publishing a new generation of programs.
March 2010