New Board Member and Administrator Guide

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Growing the Next Generation of Administrators
Due to the leadership shortage school districts are facing, succession planning is more critical than ever. It involves a proactive process of systematically identifying, developing, retaining, and promoting people with high potential to ensure leadership continuity in key positions. "Growing your own" can save considerable time and money in the long run.
August 2008

Ways to Make Your Board Meetings More Efficient
Most school boards try to do too much with their agendas, keeping a watchful eye on all sorts of district activities yet failing to accomplish the board's most basic functions. The difference between board and staff business is primarily, but not exclusively, a matter of ends and means.
August 2008

Training for New School Board Members
With the average board member serving either one or two terms, periodic turnover is inevitable, as is the need for training those joining your board. But who should conduct the training? And how do you ensure new board members are getting the training they need?
August 2008