Health and Leadership

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The Board's Role in Sustaining School Health
Sustainability is often the “devil in the details” that haunts many worthwhile efforts. School wellness programs are not exempt. One frequent problem is that school wellness programs can become too closely tied to a single “champion,” be it a board member, superintendent, principal, or teacher.
February 2009

Building School-Community Partnerships
For overworked teachers, principals, and administrators, revamping and overseeing student exercise and nutrition programs falls under “other duties as assigned.” So when looking at efforts to improve student wellness, it makes sense for school boards to look beyond their own staffs and reach out to community organizations for help.
February 2009

The Leadership Role in School Health
A report from Action for Healthy Kids found that educators, parents, and students are perhaps more aware of school health issues than in the past, but too little is actually being done to address these issues. Students still aren’t getting enough exercise and don’t eat a healthy diet at school.
February 2009