Building Blocks

The fine art of school facilities management

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The Why and How of Maintenance
We know the importance of keeping schools in good repair, so why don't we do it? Building maintenance is one of those issues that never truly go away. Despite a wide body of evidence underscoring the importance of school maintenance, it still remains an undervalued component in the business of running schools.
June 2005

Under the Swings
On the playground, as opposed to the sports field, children independently evaluate and choose physical challenges to undertake. It is the adults’ job to provide a physical setting that offers children a range of opportunities to take risks and keeps them safe through good design, supervision, and maintenance. Alone and in groups, the kids will do the rest.
June 2005

Breathe Easy
About 50 million kids go to school in the United States, and by the time they finish high school, they will have spent more than 13,000 hours inside school buildings. We like to think that time is spent safely and productively. Unfortunately, we’re wrong. Here’s what every school can do to improve indoor air quality.
June 2005

Expecting the Unexpected
Schools cannot afford to put learning on hold for an extended period of time. So what is the best approach to take when the unexpected happens? Strong leadership from the school board and superintendent is never more necessary than when a community is reeling from a catastrophe. Decision makers have to take control.
June 2005

Online Resources: School Infrastructure
Where to find more information on school infrastructure.
June 2005