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Beyond the Basics
Are the arts and music essential components of an education that every child must learn in school? Schools and school boards have struggled with this question for decades. But the advent of No Child Left Behind and similar state-level high-stakes accountability programs has put the arts under the microscope like never before.
May 2008

Technology and the Arts
The marriage between the visual arts and technology seems to be a natural one. Innovations such as digital cameras, image scanners, and computer graphics programs open up entirely new possibilities for students to get creative. But challenges remain in implementing classroom technology in the arts, most notably funding, teacher training, and simply finding time in the school day.
May 2008

Pictures of America
A joint project of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the American Library Association, "Picturing America" features great works from painters, photographers, and architects. Grants are available for free to schools and public libraries. The project focuses on the themes of freedom, equality, leadership, place, creativity, and ingenuity.
May 2008