Are Your Schools Properly Insured?

By Charles K. Trainor

The start of a new calendar year is the perfect time to assess your district’s risks. How will your district fare if you receive a report that an on-site construction worker has been accused of molesting a student? What will happen if the new baseball field built with donated landfill contains toxic materials?

Will the district be protected if parents accuse a staff member teaching a world religions class of endorsing witchcraft? If a fire occurs in the garage where your 10-year-old bus fleet is stored, will your insurance reimburse the vehicles’ residual value or their replacement value?

Events like these can have a devastating impact on your district’s students. There may be severe financial consequences as well. Parents and other community members may lose confidence in the board and the leadership team if you are not prepared. When districts fail to identify risks and provide protection for children and taxpayers, everyone loses.

So, how can you protect your district?

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