School Law News of the Weird

By Edwin C. Darden

The term “foul-ups, bleeps, and blunders” is popular due to several television shows of the same name that highlight funny mistakes made by actors while filming TV programs and movies.

But if the highlight reels were collected by K-12 public schools, the results would be both amusing and sad. In the course of 10 months, schools, students, parents, administrators, teachers, and more all manage to mix it up pretty well.

Law is but the means. The result is an odd amalgamation of stories that inspire a paraphrase of William Shakespeare: ‘tis true ‘tis a pity and ‘tis a pity ‘tis true. It has become a tradition for this column to annually highlight the education law news of the weird. This year is no exception. So, without further ado, read ‘em and weep.

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