Superintendent as Innovator-in-Chief

By Doug Eadie

As I pointed out in my January column, the school districts that thrive in today’s rapidly changing, challenging world are the ones that take command of highly complex, high-stakes “out-of-the-box” change that can’t be handled through traditional operational planning.

Such change can relate to educational issues such as a failing school or unacceptably high dropout rate, to leadership issues such as a dysfunctional board-superintendent working relationship, to financial issues such as the need to get a capital construction tax levy passed, and to external relations issues such as a badly frayed working relationship with the county commissioners.

Leading out-of-the-box change is your school board’s governing gold standard. It has to do with the highest- priority governing matters, such as updating your district’s values and vision statements, identifying the highest-stakes issues that your district needs to grapple with this year, and fashioning change initiatives to address the issues you’ve selected.

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