Humanizing Human Resources

By Gary Schumacher

Your school district’s human resources department is one of the most important, with good reason. Typically, more than 80 percent of your budget is devoted to employee salaries and benefits, and your staff’s morale is vital to your students’ success.

However, as someone who has worked as a human resources director for more than two decades and now audits these departments in my second career, I’m surprised by how many of these departments fail to focus on the “human” dimension of their work.

Regardless of whether you are in a large district, in which the department is comprised of many individuals serving specific functions, or in a small one, in which the superintendent is the human resources department, employees seek personal, timely, and accurate information. And it’s your job to provide it to them.

I’ve developed a list of four strategies that will help you ensure this is taking place in your district. These strategies also have policy implications that you will need to consider as you implement them.

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