Surviving an Academic Audit

By Rosa Gill

We have much to be proud of in the Wake County Public School System in North Carolina -- our schools are competitive, our teachers accomplished, and most of our students are thriving. It would be easy to take those blessings for granted.

Instead, we decided to dig deeper into how our schools and central services administration work together. We wanted to know whether our schools were up to the challenge of preparing all of our students to become lifelong learners who will succeed in a global economy.

To find this out, we took a step not often taken by successful school districts: We engaged in a bottom-to-top, school-to-superintendent curriculum management audit.

Auditing our entire academic program confirmed that, if we wanted to move from “good to great,” to use business writer Jim Collins’ phrase, we needed to make some serious changes.

The need for change is obvious in a failing school system. However, in a successful school system seeking continuous improvement, you have to be proactive to find the changes that your students need. This is the story of how we took that step. 

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