2008 Q&A Archive

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0108 Q&A
Q&A with Jeff beard, director of International Baccalaureate

0208 Q&A
Q&A with Daniel Storck, board president and Lincoln look-a-like

0308 Q&A
Q&A with Douglas Harris, research on school integration and student achievement

0408 Q&A
Q&A with Andrew J. Rotherham, education commentator and blogger

0508 Q&A
Q&A with Debra Chasnoff, documentary filmmaker

0708 Q&A
Q&A with Ntiedo Etuk, education video game entrepreneur

0908 Q&A
Q&A with Laurie Olsen author of "Made in America"

1008 Q&A
Q&A with Katie Wilson, president of the School Nutrition Association

1108 Q&A
Q&A with Jim Hinson, superintendent of the Independence, Mo., school district