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0816 Q&A
Miranda Beard, NSBA President
August 2016

0616 Q&A
Greg Toppo on video games
June 2016

0416 Q&A
STEM researcher Sharon Lynch
April 2016

0216 Q&A
James Stone, the director of the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education at the Southern Regional Education Board, does research focused on strategies that improve the capacity of CTE programs.
February 2016

1215 Q&A
Charlene Burgeson of Let's Move!
December 2015

1015 Q&A
Get Connected
October 2015

0815 Q&A
Rapport: ‘ADHD kids need to move a little’
August 2015

0615 Q&A
Q&A with Gary Stager on the Maker movement
June 2015

0415 Q&A
Q&A with a Latino Policy Forum analyst
April 2015

0215 Q&A
Q&A with Margaret Paccione-Dyszlewski on 'trauma-informed care'
February 2015

1214 Q&A
Q&A with Bob Schaeffer of FairTest
December 2014

1014 Q&A
How can your district create healthier working and learning environments in your schools? Phoebe Beierle, sustainability manager for Boston Public Schools and a former Center for Green Schools Fellow for the U.S. Green Building Council, can advise you from the trenches.
October 2014

0814 Q&A
Q&A with Tom Baranowski on video games and health
August 2014

0614 Q&A
Barbara Haywood speaks about the impact the civil rights movement had on her life and continues to have in her work for the public schools.
June 2014

0414 Q&A
Erin Gruwell was assigned the “worst” students – troubled, unmotivated, headed for failure. How Gruwell was able to transform the lives of her students is the stuff of books and movies.
April 2014

0214 Q&A
Q&A with Angela Maiers on leadership and Web 2.0
February 2014

Newsmaker: Michael A. Resnick
When Michael Resnick joined NSBA as a legislative specialist in 1969, Richard Nixon was president. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon. The U.S. Army began pulling troops out of Vietnam, and Jimi Hendrix sang at Woodstock. And most Americans believed the nation’s public education system was the best in the world.
December 2013

1013 Q&A
Q&A with Anisa Baldwin Metzger of the Center for Green Schools
October 2013

0913 Q&A
Q&A with Russell Quaglia, expert on student engagement
September 2013

0813 Q&A
Q&A with Jeff B. Mills of the Oklahoma State School Boards Association
August 2013

0613 Q&A
Q&A with columnist Ruben Navarrette, Jr.
June 2013

0513 Q&A
Q&A with Diane Ravitch
May 2013

0413 Q&A
Q&A with actor and Annual Conference speaker Geena Davis
April 2013

0313 Q&A
Q&A with Neil deGrasse Tyson
March 2013

0113 Q&A
Q&A with National Association of School Nurses' Shirley Schantz
January 2013