President's Corner

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June 2016: President's Corner
Preparing for tomorrow
June 2016

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Opportunity of a lifetime
April 2016

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Only the beginning
February 2016

December 2015 President's Corner
Bringing it to the table
December 2015

October 2015 President's Corner
Leadership through an equity lens
October 2015

August 2015 President's Corner
Avoiding Snap(chat) decisions
August 2015

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How are we standing up?
June 2015

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An extraordinary journey
April 2015

February 2015 President's Corner
The company we keep
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December 2014 President's Corner
How much is too much?
December 2014

October 2014 President's Corner
Board leadership helps struggling schools
October 2014

August 2014 President's Corner
Overly rigid school nutrition mandates have led to higher costs for school districts and unintended consequences such as wasted food or reduced participation in the school meal program. Let’s focus on commonsense regulations that will serve children well.
August 2014

June 2014 President's Corner
As we mark the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education, NSBA’s mission to “advocate for Equity and Excellence in public education through school board leadership” rings strong and true. We must stress both equity and excellence. And this must be accomplished through school board leadership.
June 2014

April 2014 President's Corner
The transformation of NSBA
April 2014

February 2014 President's Corner
Make public schools the school of choice
February 2014