2008 Helping Students Learn Archive

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Alternative School Makeover
Some teachers and students will never “fit” traditional definitions. However, alternative schools should become more than vehicles to rid regular education programs of troubled students, and places to exile unwanted teachers. If we believe that every student and teacher is valuable and worth saving, then we can do better.
December 2008

Find Success in Early Childhood Education
As school districts work to improve student learning and narrow achievement gaps, it’s abundantly clear that starting in kindergarten is too late. Many students, particularly low-income and minority children, arrive in kindergarten and first-grade classrooms already far behind their peers. That’s a big challenge for districts seeking to improve student achievement.
November 2008

The New World of Electronic Textbooks
Familiar, stalwart, and in some cases, even romantic, the printed word has been the preferred method of instructional delivery in schools for eons. Change is on the horizon, however. For a select but growing number of school districts in a select but growing number of states, instructional content is as dynamic--and digital--as the world around them.
July 2008

2008 Teacher of the Year Mike Geisen
An interview with Crook County Middle School's Mike Geisen, 2008 National Teacher of the Year.
June 2008

Rewarding District Best Practices
The three school districts that won grand prizes in each category of this year's Magna Awards view high school as a critical stage in public education. Rather than giving up on their high school students and those who've already dropped out, each winning district established creative and innovative high school programs.
April 2008

The Challenges of Supplemental Educational Services
Successfully implementing supplemental educational services, or SES, is challenging—and local officials play an essential role in deciding whether students receive the quality tutoring they are entitled to under the law. Still, it's not clear that school boards are taking that responsibility to heart. Only 14 percent of the 3.3 million students eligible for services receive assistance.
February 2008

The Importance of School and Parent Partnerships
Despite a lingering national perception that schools are rigid, they have become pretty adept at adapting to change. As a whole, though, schools are struggling to connect with the one group that has the biggest impact on a student's academic career: parents.
February 2008

School Transitions Made Easy
Unfortunately, not all schools understand the importance of creating a well-organized and well-thought-out plan to help ease the transitions kids make, especially between two of the most critical junctures in K-12 education: the move from elementary to middle school and from middle to high school.
January 2008

Can Detracking Boost Student Achievement?
Should closing the achievement gap between wealthy and low-income children be our first priority? Or should we focus on preparing our most talented students to lead the world in scientific and mathematical discoveries? We don’t have to choose. Both goals are attainable if schools provide access to their best curriculum to all students.
January 2008