2004 Helping Students Learn Archive

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Past and Prologue
The debate goes something like this: Students learn only the dark side of American history. And this focus on the negative is churning out students who are so disengaged from our political system that they scarcely bother to vote. Others say the perception is false, that negative subject matter isn't all that's taught in social studies classrooms, and that children do get a balanced view of history. Whatever is being taught, it doesn't seem to stick.
February 2004

Breaking Down the Data
Looking for ways to improve instruction and student learning? Take an informed approach. Using data to support instructional planning has become an important focus for schools, districts, and education organizations. The intent of data-driven decision making is to collect, analyze, and interpret meaningful school improvement data to make a positive impact on curriculum, instruction, and student learning.
February 2004

Words on Paper
Is writing at risk? After years of being sidelined, student writing shows signs of moving to the center of the education policy agenda. Increasingly, decision makers are recognizing that effective writing is fundamental to learning and communication and therefore vital to success in education and the workplace. But the federal No Child Left Behind Act's stringent mandates for testing in reading and math are creating a serious shortage of time and resources for teaching writing. Written expression is the result of ordered thought and the product of good teaching, but there are signs it may be on the decline in the nation's classrooms.
March 2004