Health and Your Older School Employees

By Kathy Espinoza

The average school district employee is 43 years old. The average age of school-level and central office employees is 51. And we’re getting older every day.

What does this mean for your school district? The labor force that has helped you keep vacancies to a minimum and maintain relatively low salaries is disappearing, which means your human resources department must be aggressive in recruiting new employees to fill the void.

But what about older employees—those nearing and over age 50—who are left behind?

How can you help them remain healthy, dedicated, strong, and ready to work?

Fortunately for school districts, many of today’s older employees need or want to work past the normal retirement age. At the same time, that means you are looking at taking care of older workers longer. Perhaps you should consider an employee wellness program that includes attention to physical fitness and ergonomics. It’s an investment in your present—and your future.

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