2008 Facilities and School Design Archive

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Saving Money on Your New Auditorium
Auditoriums represent some of the most expensive spaces within schools, and due to budget constraints, they are rarely built large enough for the school's needs. So the challenge is twofold: How to optimize the dollars spent and increase the use of the space. The solution lies in using approaches to reduce initial construction and ongoing operating costs.
March 2008

Future Planning Is Crucial for School Facilities
Futurists would have us believe there will be no school buildings within the next 50 years. Facilities planners are talking about wireless schools and schools without books, paper, or even walls. That might not be the case, but there's no question that student learning methods are shaping design trends.
June 2008

EnergySmart Schools Save Money
The initial cost for EnergySmart Schools used to be significantly higher than for their traditional counterparts, but thanks to technology advances and integrated design practices, school districts enjoy paybacks in five to eight years as well as ongoing returns on their energy efficiency investments. The business case for an EnergySmart approach has become stronger than ever.
July 2008

Essential HVAC Upkeep
Your school buildings, along with what's inside them, are district assets. Most districts have maintenance programs to protect those assets. But what about your building's heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) systems? Using an asset management strategy with your HVAC systems can protect those heating and cooling systems and save money in the long run.
July 2008

Using Demographics in Your School Construction Plan
Enrollment projections always have been a moving target for districts. But recent years have brought about some unexpected demographic shifts. A faltering U.S. economy and housing market make the job even more difficult. Reliable demographic data is critical, and more districts are investing in new technologies to gauge mobility trends.
October 2008

Will Renovations Work for Your School Buildings?
Chances are that a school in your district is underperforming. Not the students, but the school itself. And in the long run, that’s not good for your students either. A link has been drawn between adequate facilities and the quality of education, absenteeism, morale, productivity, attrition, and student health.
October 2008

Green Schools Teach Green Lessons
Numerous sustainable technologies are being used in schools, ranging from geothermal, ice storage, and heat recovery systems to photovoltaics and daylighting. Each has the potential to be incorporated into school curricula. The challenge for school facilities managers is to include this technology in a way that students can observe.
October 2008