2007 Facilities and School Design Archive

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The Value of Partnerships
During a period of growth, an Illinois school district and a local college build a long-term relationship that benefits both. The secret to their collaborative success was born from a desire to do what is best for the community without worrying about turf issues or which agency is in control.
January 2007

Building a Successful Addition
Who hasn’t driven through a community and seen a public school building that has grown with multiple additions, each one different and designed by a new architect? Style should be considered when designing a building, but continuity also is important if you want to construct an integrated, recognizable facility.
February 2007

Conserving Watts by Watching
An Oregon school district dramatically cut its energy costs by educating teachers and staff about effective utilities management. The greatest difference, however, is the change in students' attitudes. Thanks to education and participation programs, they are developing energy conservation habits that will last a lifetime.
March 2007

Merging Eras
The School District of Newberry, S.C., recently renovated a stately, three-story structure that originated as the local high school. Following a meticulous restoration and modernization, the building now serves as a 500-student neighborhood elementary school. The district’s commitment to preserving this splendid structure demonstrates the merits of preserving older school buildings whose potential capacity and upgrade costs are often competitive alternatives to new construction.
April 2007

Can You Hear Me Now?
If students can’t listen, they can’t learn. In a number of schools, districts are turning to wireless microphones and other systems to boost sound—and achievement. It seems like a simple—and relatively inexpensive—concept. But preliminary research on acoustical systems in classrooms is also hard to ignore: The better students can hear, the more they may learn.
June 2007

A Library for All
When a private developer and a public school district decide to build a joint-use facility, both the community and the students profit.
August 2007

Sustainable School Design
Low-tech design solutions improve student achievement and save money
September 2007

Achievement by Design
Buildings and classrooms play a role in how students learn, but while amenities are nice, don't let the frills overshadow your district's instructional goals
October 2007

Bringing Back the Neighborhoods
Community schools are playing a lead role in the rebuilding of New Orleans and beyond.
October 2007

Planning for Integration
The Supreme Court's decision on using race in student assignment sets new rules, but it leaves out the necessary tools for success
October 2007

Building the Perfect School
As school design moves into the 21st century, architects and planners look at trends that are taking hold
October 2007

Finding the Smart Solution
By revamping how it purchases school supplies, a Pennsylvania district learns how to meet its ever-changing instructional needs.
November 2007