Creating the Perfect Board Committee

By Doug Eadie

The Place: Superintendent Harry Angstrom’s conference room at the district administrative office.

The Cast: Angstrom and his top six district executives, who make up the Executive Cabinet.

The Agenda: Presentation by Susan Koerner, associate superintendent of curriculum and instruction and chief staff liaison to the board’s Planning and Development Committee, on recommended changes in the district’s annual planning process and calendar.

The Decision: To recommend two important changes to the Planning and Development Committee at its next meeting. The first would add a daylong, committee-hosted, strategic work session early in the planning process. The second would be to kick off budget preparation later in the year with a half-day operational issues work session that the committee also would host.

The Immediate Outcome: A great discussion at the Planning and Development Committee meeting, resulting in unanimous agreement to hold the two work sessions and review the staff’s recommended detailed agendas the next month.

The Long-term Impact: These two work sessions resulted in substantive board input early in the planning process, when it could make a difference, and as a result, strengthened board members’ commitment to and ownership of their planning role.

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