Beyond Governance Rules

By Doug Eadie

Imagine this: We’re sitting in the locker room 15 minutes before kickoff, waiting for Coach Pryor to share his last-minute thoughts on how to win the game. The coach walks in and sits down, facing us. He picks up a heavy manual, opens it, and begins to go over the rules of the game.

“Gentlemen,” he says, “let me begin by reminding you that there are four quarters of 15 minutes each.”

We’d be pretty puzzled, right? We’d probably think our beloved leader had suffered some kind of breakdown. Of course, this wouldn’t happen in any locker room, but governing is another game entirely.

A call for help

Several months ago, a board president and superintendent called me, opening the conversation by saying, “We think we need help, but we’re not exactly sure what we need.”

I asked them to describe the situation, and they set the stage by telling me about an elaborate policymaking process they’d spent several months on last year. The result was a board handbook featuring:

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