2009 Executive Educator Archive

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Tales of a Minority Administrator
Increasing administrative diversity is fundamentally beneficial to the district, students, and community. It can also address student diversity and, perhaps, the achievement gap. Ethnicity can only enhance leadership skills and contributions to the well-being of a school community. These leadership qualities will enable minority administrators to succeed in predominantly Caucasian schools.
August 2009

On-the-Job Training for Administrators
Very little can prepare you for the rigors of becoming a school leader. But if veteran administrators and school board members can exercise empathy, patience, and understanding while providing guidance in a positive mentoring environment, a new administrator can be successful.
August 2009

Your First 90 Days on the School Board
Just how do you ‘hit the ground running’ and become as effective a school board member as you can, as quickly as you can? You can make a good start in your first 90 days. That’s when you lay the groundwork for effective board tenure
August 2009

Hire a Change Agent; Prepare for Change
“We want a superintendent who can think out of the box.” Usually, this phrase means that people want change, they want a leader that will produce it, and they will buy into the new vision and march forward. Not exactly. The only person who likes change is a wet baby.
March 2009

Tips for Evaluating Your Superintendent
Accountability is education’s watchword. Charts, graphs, comparables, power standards, and key indicators assess the performance of schools, students, and programs. But what about the superintendent’s performance? Can leadership be reduced to a set of numbers? Certainly, superintendents are accountable. The question is, “For what?”
March 2009

Rebounding from Leadership Crisis
The rule of democracy makes it possible for any candidate, despite personal political agendas, to secure the influential role of a school trustee. In most cases, a vigorous public process keeps the system in check, but in some situations the emergence of special interest “activist” boards can devastate a community.
March 2009