Finding New School Employees in Cyberspace

By Joe Dysart

Career centers on the Web were often an afterthought during the medium’s earliest days, but the Internet’s latest tools enable you to automate all your initial contacts with job candidates.

These days, your district can pre-screen applicants online, “inhale” resumes, automatically redistribute resume data into your HR database, and even automatically reward current employees who provide worthy referrals.

Moreover, still other Web tools enable you to find “A” list candidates who may not be looking for a job, but may be enticed into working for you if you make them the right offer.

The result: All the advances have made Internet recruiting de rigueur for job seekers and HR departments. “The Internet has transformed the way American employers attract and hire employees,” says Richard Cober, lead author of a recent Booz Allen Hamilton survey on Internet recruiting. “Employers are giving serious thought to how the Internet can be better used for driving applicant flow.”

Liz Snook, human resources recruitment manager for the Oregon Department of Education, agrees. “We’re going to be doing pilot tests of online recruiting early next year,” she says. “Already, most of our applicants find out about the jobs we’re offering over the Internet. And they want an easy way to interactively file their resume and apply online.”

If you’re looking to retool your school site with the latest Internet recruiting has to offer, here’s an overview of the software and services to look for, along with pointers on where to go for more information.

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