Early Learning

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School Readiness for All
Before children ever enter formal school, achievement gaps have already formed. Teachers play a continuous, losing game of catch up with disadvantaged children and often short-changes children on the higher end of the academic spectrum. Some districts have begun investing in evidence-based prekindergarten programs as a way to bridge the gap.
November 2012

Elementary School Early Learning
With the continued focus on testing and assessment and the advent of the Common Core State Standards, it is critical not to lose sight of how children learn and what we are measuring about their learning. Research suggests that teachers’ effectiveness in the early grades depends largely upon teacher-child relationships and interactions.
November 2012

The Long-Term Benefits of Early Learning
The societal return on investment in early childhood education for disadvantaged children could be anywhere from $3 to $16 for every dollar invested. So the U.S. is now providing quality preschool to a majority of its low-income children and the quality continues to improve, right? Wrong on both counts.
July 2012

Education Vital Signs: Early Learning
Education Vital Signs collection of reports on Early Learning.

Advocates for Early Childhood Education
Evidence continues to grow that school success begins at birth. School leaders are in an extraordinary position to advocate for high-quality care for infants and toddlers. They can make a strong argument that early childhood education is a crucial part of any plan for student achievement and success.
August 2011