Mobile Apps Strategies for Schools

By Nora Carr

When News Corp. unveiled The Daily, an iPad-only news magazine, it launched a new business model --  one the publishing giant hopes will replace advertising revenue lost to free online news consumption.

News Corp.’s $30 million gamble cemented the iPad’s status as the market leader for tablet computers. It also kicked off another e-reader price war, with off-brand versions of Amazon’s popular Kindle device dropping to well under $100 each.

The Daily’s initial iPad-only delivery method simply reinforces how quickly Steve Jobs’ “magical” device has gone mainstream. Sales are projected to top 1 billion in 2011, according to Forrester Research.

With entire libraries now available online, the affordability of these hand-held devices puts more mobile-computing power and more books within educators’ reach, even for cash-strapped school districts.

The rise of mobile applications and the faster than anticipated adoption of e-readers are also increasing consumer expectations and experiences regarding the timing, format, and delivery of news and information.

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