How Schools Can Help the Media Tell Their Stories

By Nora Carr

Giving a reporter unfettered access to a struggling school probably isn’t most administrators’ notion of a great public relations idea. Yet that’s exactly what the Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) agreed to do -- with stunning results.

Since Manual High opened its doors in August, Matthew Tully, the Indianapolis Star political columnist, has told the school’s story. The portrait that’s emerging -- a mix of hope and despair as students and staff overcome often overwhelming odds -- has riveted and galvanized the community.

When Tully urged readers to support Manual High by attending its annual Christmas Spectacular, a standing room crowd of more than 2,000 showed and showered the school with $10,000 in donations.

For a school that had lost its self-esteem along with its football team, yearbook, and many college prep classes, the outpouring of support is reinvigorating. It’s also reassuring students and staff that the community cares.

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