Bullying: From Words to Action

In September 2009, the editors of ASBJ and the American School Counselor Association held a joint webinar on "Bullying: A Decade After Columbine, What Has Changed?" Sponsored by SolutionTree, the 63-minute webinar is broken down into three sections:

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Words that Wound,” published in 1999, was written in response to the Columbine High School shootings and the then-nascent view that school boards and districts had a responsibility to prevent bullying, harassment, and aggression among students in their schools.  How much has the response to bullying changed in the decade after the worse public school shooting in history? Read “From Words to Action,” both open to all visitors below.

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Bullies Begone
Educators who are using the methods of Rachel’s Challenge or the Trevor Romain Co. are fairly confident that episodes of bullying are becoming less frequent on their campuses. The reason: Both programs work to involve everyone in changing the culture – the bullies and their victims, bystanders, parents … and educators.
October 2011

How's Your School Climate?
Changing school culture is not easy. But education leaders recognize learning cannot happen unless the school climate is marked by trust and respect for differences. Schools everywhere need to be able to tune out the noise and focus on the essential work of educating an increasingly diverse generation of students.
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Adults Behaving Badly
While national attention and energy has rightfully focused on the phenomenon of peer-to-peer bullying, what’s missing is a look at the relationships and interactions among adults in the school community. Bullying is on the rise between teachers and students, administrators and teachers, or in some other form involving adults.
October 2011

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“Six suicides in the first 30 days of school – it got people’s attention,” says Jean-Marie Navette, a spokeswoman for PFLAG (Parents, Families, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays). Among those paying attention is the U.S. Department of Education, which announced that schools could lose federal money if they don’t address the bullying of gay students.
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Bullying: From Words to Action
If you were bullied as a child and grew up during the last century, you probably encountered adult apathy. The prevailing wisdom was that childhood bullying was normal, that kids had to work it out themselves, and that adults should stay out of it. That was B.C. – “Before Columbine.”
September 2009

Words That Wound
Kathleen Vail's 1999 piece on bullying in schools.
September 1999