Magna Nomination Form

Nominations must be submitted by the deadline of midnight, October 31, 2014.

Call 703-838-6739 or e-mail Margaret Suslick.

Please read the Magna information page and Tips on Making Your Nomination before you make your nomination. We have tested the nomination form using the following browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer 7.0 and later.

We strongly recommend that you work out all of your responses to the prompts ahead of time in a program such as Microsoft Word. Use the Word Count tool to determine the number of characters (with spaces) there are in your intended responses. You will be allowed to enter 500 characters in the "Goal of Program" field, 1,500 characters (roughly 150 words) in each of the "Program Description" fields, and 2,000 characters (roughly 200 words) in the "Why This Program Deserves Recognition" field. The system counts characters, not words, and YES, a space counts as a character. The system will not replicate breaks, linefeeds, carriage returns, bullets, automatic numbering, bolding, underlining, italics, or special characters such as tildes, accent marks, or symbols -- so do not use them. If you feel it is necessary to use emphasis to get your point across, use caps.

Please provide your valid e-mail address when completing the nomination form. This is the vehicle we will use to communicate with you about your nomination.

If you wish to send backup materials (they are not required), they must be postmarked by the deadline and submitted in hard copy (only one copy of the material is needed) to:

Magna Awards
American School Board Journal
1680 Duke Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

If you need further information, please contact Margaret Suslick by e-mail or by phone at 703-838-6739.

All nomination materials become the property of the National School Boards Association and cannot be returned. The National School Boards Association has the right to reprint/republish these materials at any time in any format and in any media. To be eligible, your school district must be in the United States or the U.S. Virgin Islands and a member of your state school boards association.

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