Rethinking the Clasroom

By David Jakes

The classroom remains a location of possibility.” This quote from the HipHopEd Manifesto describes the essence of what classrooms have represented for years — a location for preparing students for the opportunity of possibility. The statement also suggests that the classroom remains a relevant entity, even in a time when the opportunities for rethinking the traditional educational experience seem boundless.

Today, learning can occur anytime, anywhere, and with anyone — in the same place or throughout the world. Students can use technologies that engage and empower them to not only consume and process information, but also to create and share with a global audience.

Given those opportunities, now is a good time to rethink and reshape what the typical “classroom” is and what it represents. What will it take to make the classroom a mission-critical learning location? How can we transform classrooms into spaces that support a contemporary education? Can the very notion of a “classroom” be rethought to provide a new context for learning, one that enhances the capacity of technology to connect to people, ideas, conversation, and resources beyond the walls of schools? 

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