NSBA's National Campaign is Standing Up for Public Education

By Lawrence Hardy

When Magic Johnson took the stage at NSBA’s Annual Conference in New Orleans in April, he noted that two of his favorite basketball players -- the Bulls' Michael Jordan and the Celtics' Larry Bird -- were not on that list solely for their considerable skills on the court, but also for their ability to make the teammates around them play better. That’s how successful sports teams gain momentum, and it’s how a national and state campaign can rocket forward.

“You have to make the people you work with better,” Johnson told the audience. “You have to make the schools better. That’s your legacy. That’s what God put you on this Earth to do.”

Earvin “Magic” Johnson is now one of three celebrity spokespersons for NSBA’s National Campaign, along with television personality Montel Williams and educator Sal Khan. The Stand Up 4 Public Schools campaign is designed to draw critical attention to the work of public schools, and lay a foundation for a collaborative effort led by NSBA.

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