All About Employee Wellness Programs

Healthy employees are happy employees. School districts, which are often the largest employers in their communities, know that these employees have more energy to be productive and effective at their jobs.

They are also good for an organization’s budget. They take fewer days sick days and show up at emergency rooms and doctors’ offices at a lower rate.

School boards can actively help to promote healthy lifestyles. One way is through a wellness and rewards program.

Humana, one of the country’s largest health care companies, offers a wellness and rewards program called HumanaVitality. When employees participate in health-related activities that can be tracked and measured, they earn points for products, services, and discounts.

HumanaVitality’s Aaron D. Kessinger recently spoke with ASBJ’s Editor-in- Chief Kathleen Vail on what school boards need to know about wellness incentive programs. 

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