Leadership in Times of Change

By Robert Davidovich and John Koehn 

The fabled expression, “May you live in interesting times,” is certainly fitting for today’s school environment. However, as a school board member, you may be wondering whether this is a blessing or a curse. Either way you interpret it, there is no denying that public schools, and all people connected with them, are living in interesting times. An important question to consider is: How do you lead in these times?

Businesses, institutions, and organizations in all sectors of society are scrambling to keep up in a world of rapid acceleration of change. It is not just the pace, but also the unpredictable intensity of change that holds the potential for renewal or demise. Today a hard-to-notice ripple on the horizon can become a tsunami overnight. React too soon, or too late, and you could be out of business. Get it right, and you enter a new cycle of prosperity.

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