Testing and Common Core

The goal of the Common Core is to encourage a more thoughtful approach to teaching and learning; the road to reaching that goal is fraught with complexity


How to Deal With Data

Facing intense competition from nearby districts, a Michigan school board and superintendent developed a data collection process to help improve student achievement


School Board Success Story: Arizona

This Arizona school board-superintendent team used a bold approach to boost student achievement, making the district synonymous with innovation



  • March 2013 Digital Edition

    Read our March 2013 issue virtually—from front to back!

  • Inclusive Gifted Programs

    Some minority students and English language learners are underrepresented in gifted programs, but this Washington state district was able to include more students by looking at more data

  • Preventing Leadership Churn

    Leadership churn is a problem for many districts. These Massachusetts superintendents offer advice to make their jobs more manageable


  • School Board News

    March 2013 School Board News

    News, views, and trends you should watch

  • Research

    Do Students Need More Time in School?

    Districts are adding more instructional hours to the school day and year as a way to increase student achievement, but it must be done strategically to work

  • Communications

    Using Technology to Tell Your Story

    Technology offers easy ways to tell compelling stories, allowing you to reach your public with powerful personal narratives that can change hearts and minds

  • Money

    From Trash to Treasure

    With budgets continuing to tighten, consider looking in your garbage cans and refuse bins to find needed funds for your programs

  • Technology

    Virtual Learning Done Right

    If we are truly preparing students for their future, and not for our past, then we must offer opportunities for them to 'learn how to learn' online

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word March 2013

    Boone County Schools learned lessons from a violent incident

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    March 2013 Reports

    From food allergies to voting rates and civics classes