Follow the Money

Charter schools are a billion-dollar public enterprise funded increasingly by foundations, for-profits, and other forms of private money


Plan for the Best

Failure to plan ahead can mean accelerated growth of charter schools in your district. What five planning flaws can you fix to prevent your district from losing public support?




  • School Board News

    February 2012 School Board News

    News, views, and trends you should watch.

  • Research

    Make Decisions With Data

    School leaders are taking a page from Billy Beane and 'Moneyball' by using data to identify their district's greatest needs and targeting resources where they will have the most benefit

  • School Law

    Good Governance: A Legal View

    How do effective boards act? According to this school lawyer, strong boards practice good preparation, communication, and teamwork

  • Communications

    School Board Training

    Board members need professional development as much as teachers and administrators do, but you can avoid political landmines by informing your community

  • Leadership

    Strengthening Leadership in Hard Times

    Financially, times are still tough for many public schools. Responding with these five steps can help school boards withstand the hard times and even strengthen their districts

  • Money

    Fraud in the Lunchroom

    School board members need to be vigilant about district food service practices and be on guard against food vendor and food service fraud

  • The Last Word

    The Last Word February 2012

    High impact with NSBA

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    February 2012 Reports

    From breakfast sweets to the effect of violence