School Maintenance Staff Oversight

By Charles K. Trainor

It’s a late April evening, and a freak snowstorm is barreling toward a school district in the Northeast. The storm is expected to dump 20 inches of snow by early morning. Earlier in the month, plows were removed from district trucks, and they are now loaded with spring planting supplies. The district’s allowance for snow days has run out. If at all possible, the superintendent wants to open school as usual.

The custodial staff spring into action. They unload the garden supplies, fill the spreaders with salt, and refit the trucks with plows. As the first flakes begin to accumulate, all is ready. By 6:30 a.m. the next day, the storm has moved on and the driveways and parking lots are clear. The district is open for business on time.

Board members understand that educating children is vital to our communities and our country. Success in the classroom depends on many factors. One often-overlooked element is the district’s buildings and grounds department. These diligent employees usually work behind the scenes and after school hours. However, without a reliable custodian and maintenance staff, our schools would grind to a halt.

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